Nadia Markiewicz
fot. Maciej Łuczak; One armed bandit at Punkt Odbioru Sztuki, Łódź PL (10-11.2019) American Dream installation 2019 The mirror is a setting for a photo. Usually, artworks containing mirrors are said to be the most photographed, so I used this fact to create an environment for the viewer. The green background, oversized cherries inspired by the slot machine, alarm clocks set to 10:10 (the time all watches are set to while photographed), and their taken out batteries arranged like bullets. Along with this, a photo that was taken by either me or my parents, of the American flag - taken some time before we were forced to leave the USA after 9/11, when I was 10 years old.
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the end of the american dream 🇺🇸 @punktodbiorusztuki one armed bandit solo show #10after10 #jackpot

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