Nadia Markiewicz
Hook performance 2021 at Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw PL curator Daniel Kotowski In reference to ableist depictions of disability in culture as engine-for-revenge and a trait of villainous characters, I reclaim the character of Captain Hook. The character’s arc is one that is common to western culture. Based on the all-consuming desire for revenge of Captain Ahab after losing his leg to the whale. Obtaining a disability puts the character on the path to vengeance - thus many evil characters are given a disability that both explains their wrong-doings and makes the character more frightening. In an attempt to auto-critically approach my own revenge on ableist culture, I reclaim Captain Hook from the Disney movie by making a custom costume with a seamstress, made from quality fabrics for exactly my measurements. fot. Kacper Godlewski