Nadia Markiewicz
Pool ball 8, in the form of an outfit that I put on my body. In reference to my confrontation with billiards, I embody the ball with the number 8. This ball in the game is decisive, it is also a popular pop culture theme - it is used to predict the future. Eight was also my age when the analyzed situation took place. The spherical suit completely covers my body from the shoulders to the thighs. >>>>>>>>>
An illuminated advertising lightbox, showing an enlarged X-ray of my deformed bone. 200 x 155 cm Breaking down the billiard situation, I looked at the materials the table and the accessories for the game are made of. My attention was drawn to the fact that billiard balls used to be made of ivory. With regard to this material, I decided to include an X-ray image of my bone, which at first glance is not recognizable as a human bone. The lightbox is made by a company producing advertising media, so it also refers to this form of mass communication. I collide it with personal, authentic medical records. The dimensions of the box are adjusted so that the bone in the photo corresponds proportionally to the sphere on my body.
Wheel of Fortune video The final element of the work is a looped video showing part of the wheel of fortune that spins at a steady pace, without conclusion. The sound of a ticking wheel fills the room. The film alludes to the moment when the participant of the game has already moved the wheel, but does not yet know the result - waiting for her fortune. The wheels design was based on that of the Wheel of Fortune program from the early 90's, when I was born. Numbers have been removed from the board. >>>>>
The performative action took place during the defense. The questions asked were directed to the ball, as in the toy version of the eight. After I left the space, my character was replaced by a full ball, and the performative role was played by the viewer, entering between the elements.