Nadia Markiewicz
Souvenir solo exhibition 2021 at Terminal08, Gorzów Wlkp. PL After an extremely long time since the last performances, we can peek into the wardrobe and even sneak on the stage and take a close look at the set and the souvenirs left behind after the performer’s shows. The exhibition is an autofictional narration about the career of a historical freak who played the role of a pirate and her own parrot. Reaching the roots of contemporary entertainment and celebrity culture, the artist talks about the identity connected to her own disabled body with the help of the convention of memorabilia left after the performances of a freak show performer. The exhibition consisted of a photograph in a pirate's parrot costume in carte de visite format, which were popular souvenirs from freak show, a birdcage accessory ladder scaled into human dimensions and the custom Captain Hook costume.